Facebook, Instagram can soon actively search for — and block — stolen images

Facebook will soon protect images with the same technology the company already uses to automatically police protected music and videos. On Monday, September 21, Facebook launched Rights Manager for Images to limited Pages, a tool that allows photographers to upload their images to a database for Facebook’s bots to search for and remove protected content. The tool works for both Facebook and Instagram and goes beyond existing reporting tools by actively looking for infringements.

Facebook Rights Manager is a system that will flag or remove a user’s video that contains copyrighted music or video content — now that protection extends to still images as well. When the system finds stolen photos, the post could be blocked, monitored, or given proper attribution, depending on the owner’s settings.

The system is designed for creators with a large volume of content. Photographers — and other creatives, such as graphic designers, illustrators, and meme creators — can apply for the program, then upload photos into what Facebook calls a reference library. Facebook uses those uploaded images to look for repeated content across both Facebook and Instagram…Read more>>