Cheapest car insurance in Alabama 2021

Alabama isn’t the cheapest state for car insurance, nor is it the most expensive— it’s somewhere in the middle. The average cost of car insurance in the U.S. varies depending on which state you’re in. The average cost of car insurance in Alabama is $435 for minimum coverage and $1,672 for full coverage.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration’s latest report, there are 3,907,038 licensed drivers in Alabama. With this amount of people on the road, it is no surprise there were a total of 159,925 car crashes in 2018. The risk on the road is a big reason why good car insurance is a necessity.

Many Alabama residents will be looking for the cheapest provider they can find, but it’s possible to get a good price and a good provider. The providers offering the cheapest premiums just so happen to be some of the best providers in the business.

The cheapest car insurance in Alabama

Some of the least expensive providers in Alabama are from providers you are likely to recognize.

Car insurance company Average annual premium for minimum coverage Average annual premium for full coverage
Geico $290 $1,375
Allstate $309 $1,914
Nationwide $328 $1,281
USAA $333 $1,262
Travelers $360 $998

Geico offers some of the most discounts in the auto insurance world. For example, your car having safety features like air bags could get you a discount of up to 40%, and an anti-theft system could get you 25% off your premium.

Allstate is probably one of the best companies you can work with if you are a student or have a student on your policy. The amount you can save either ‘as’ or ‘with’ a young driver are pretty significant. Allstate’s Safe Driving Club. With this discount, you are given a trial period where Allstate electronically monitors your driving habits. If you drive safely, you can get a discount…..Read More>>


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